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Graham Clive Lowe
Columbus, Ohio

Graham Clive Lowe assists technology oriented companies communicate their value proposition. While the complexity of products and services has drastically increased over the last 20 years, the success of communicating their instrinsic advantages has not kept pace. My forte is the ability to distill technically oriented products and services without diluting their complexity.

My value is "making the complex ~ simple" and doing so in a way that is relevant, meaningful and persuasive.


Graham Clive Lowe
Graham is an award-winning marketing communications professional with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design and 16 years of experience in the creation of media solutions for both small businesses and multimillion-dollar enterprises, especially in technology markets. A rare blend of technical writing ability and graphic design skill is fueled by a passion for technology. He possesses an extensive knowledge base in the arts, science, engineering and manufacturing, highlighted with awards in design and manufacturing.

When Graham isn't at the computer working, he loves restoring cars and boats. "Craftsmanship is something I have always admired, and older machinery was often well designed and very well made using materials just not available today. Build quality never gets old to me."


The Partnership for Excellence - Developed a brand identity, produced all content, coding and graphics for the company's website.
The Partnership for Excellence is a nonprofit Baldrige-based program serving Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia, dedicated to achieving performance excellence by providing organizational guidance, assessment tools and criteria.

National Electric Coil - Developed a brand identity, produced all content and graphics for the company's website.
National Electric Coil is a 93 Million dollar Engineering firm, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and is the world's largest independent manufacturer of high-voltage generators.

Wrote, synthesized and organized content for:
Harman International's Revel brand
Harman International's Mark Levinson brand
National Electric Coil
The Partnership for Excellence
Owens Corning

Produced engineering graphic / map for Ohio’s largest refinery, Husky Oil. Created a site map for engineers, workers, security and firefighters for the Husky Refinery located in Lima, Ohio. Refinery site is over 4 square miles with 5 dedicated railroad lines and its own pipeline to the gulf of Mexico. By using CAD drawings, blueprints, aerial photography and several interview sessions with engineers, chemists and other subject matter experts, a detailed map was created. It was used for by engineers to indicate the plant layout, buildings, piping and hazardous material compounds and locations. This map was then exported to specific resolutions for different monitors and use by security and management.

Produced the multimedia production for the CRM Division for IBM, a 12 Billion dollar enterprise.
With analysis of the market, product and audience, we created the defining presentation for key executive Vice-Presidents in world keynote addresses. Our solution was well received, and we were asked to repeat our efforts for IBM’s 14 Billion dollar sister division, EAS. By integrating key existing IBM advertising messages and developing a framework that enabled client customization and impressive multi-media, the ERM proposition was articulated around the globe for IBM’s global marketing push.

Produced keynote presentation - IBM World Insurance meeting in Rome, Italy.
Produced keynote presentation - ADA Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Produced the graphic standard specifications for templates of PowerPoint for use by IBM associates worldwide.
Produced corporate presentation for Revel speakers, the flagship speaker line of Harman International, (the largest U.S. consumer electronics manufacturer in the world, featuring Harman Kardon, JBL, and Infinity.
Produced sales presentation for Mark Levinson electronics, the flagship consumer electronics line of Harman International.


Engage your audience through a combination of rich visual media: advertising, illustrations, and photography.

A combination of appropriate media that visually communicates the message.


Inform your clients of your solutions with well-researched and well-crafted content.

Your message addresses an understanding of their motivations, needs and expectations.


Persuade your audience by communicating how your offer fulfills their needs, expectations and motivations.

Essentially, the right message that rings with value with the right audience.

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