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It's 2016, and the Yellow Pages are dead. Google and Bing are the new Yellow Pages. And if you're not found in the top twenty search results - you don't exist. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of increasing the visibility of your website in a search engine's search results. The better the SEO, the better your organization's ranking.  Achieving top ten Search Engine results shouldn't be considered an optional "marketing expense", it should be considered a necessity, like electricity or tools - it's essential to your business.

Google and Bing use your website's page content and other aspects to determine where to rank your website in relationship to your search terms. Google and Bing use different formula's to determine search rankings. While achieving #1 in Google in search rankings is laudable, while achieving #41 in Bing, is not a successful strategy, since Bing accounts for over one-third of all web searches.

There are many ways to improve our search engine ranking. I build the SEO from the inside out. Search terms are crafted into the website's structure and content. This takes more effort and planning, but the results deliver top ten results in both Google and Bing for desired search terms.  

Your company needs to be at the top of the search results - because that's a great place to be seen.  


Engage your audience through a combination of rich visual media: advertising, illustrations, and photography.

A combination of appropriate media that visually communicates the message.


Inform your clients of your solutions with well-researched and well-crafted content.

Your message addresses an understanding of their motivations, needs and expectations.


Persuade your audience by communicating how your offer fulfills their needs, expectations and motivations.

Essentially, the right message that rings with value with the right audience.

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